for linear tracks and gantries

Condition monitoring for linear tracks and gantries

To increase your overall equipment effectiveness

The condition monitoring package promises to increase the machine availability significantly and to anticipate unexpected production breakdowns proactively. The measured values of the components are accessible through the comprehensive dashboard. The calculated condition will be displayed by a light system.

Sensors and evaluation units are matched carefully to create a stable and independent working function package.


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Condition monitoring

Available for new or existing projects


Gathering data

  • Measuring of vibrations and speed
  • Vibrations are detected by acceleration sensors

Evaluating the data

  • Analyzing the vibration signals in relation to the axis speed

  • Transmitting the data from the evaluation unit to the CM Computer

CM Computer

  • Compute the condition on the dashboard
  • Store the gathered data
  • Get insights on the historical operation data

Digital services


Display status
Compute the condition of the system as a green, orange or red light

Data base
Automatic storage of the relevant historical trend data in local database

Log book (logging)
Reporting of alarms generated by the system and documentation of maintenance work


Visualization of historical operation data

Notification by E-Mail
Sending of alert messages via e-mail if threshold value is exceeded

Value proposition


Avoiding unexpected production failure

Production line breakdowns can be preven- ted by continuously monitoring the condition of the equipment, which will result in a high machine availability.

Keep running the manufacturing line enables a higher production capacity in the same time.


Ensuring production quality

Monitoring the condition of relevant compo- nents helps to ensure production quality.

Manufacture of scrap parts can be avoided, resulting in cost savings.


Improving maintenance performance

Condition monitoring guides efficient main- tenance planning which is more effective and requires less resources.

Costs can also be saved by only replacing parts which are worn out rather than just replacing them on a fixed schedule.


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