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Güdel is presenting you its competence in railway automation as a solution provider. With high speed, high precision, heavy load, maximal availability and reliability all in one. Güdel is your global partner for your individual automation solutions. From planning over implementation to maintenance and retrofit, Güdel is your partner.

Globally, up until today, more than 60 lines with over 180 gantry loaders in the railway industry have been equipped with Güdel automation solutions at more than 30 end-customers worldwide. This makes Güdel your competent and reliable global partner for your individual automation solutions in the railway industry.


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Technical Excellence

The core competence of Güdel railway automation solutions consists of its gantry systems and gripper technology. Güdel’s modular gantries are capable of almost all kinds of payloads and applications. The 2-axis gantry ZP-7 and 3-axis gantry FP-7 are especially suitable for railway solutions, with high dynamic and heavy payload of more than 3000 kg in standard. Our inhouse designed high performance gripper portfolio covers a wide range of railway-specific applications. Our standard wheel grippers are capable of rotating and swivelling the wheel and can be adjusted to different loading angle configurations. In addition, we have developed hot wheel grippers which can handle railway wheels with up to 950 °C. Our standard axle grippers are able to rotate and to move the axles laterally for side loadings. Furthermore, we are also able to handle the complete wheel sets.

Process Expertise

With the rich expertise in the entire production and manufacturing process of the railway industry, our experienced engineers are ready to provide customers with the best automation solutions for every application. Starting from raw material over hot forming and heat treatment to machining and testing, Güdel ensures safe gripping for transportation and frictionless machine tending along all these processes with our unique technological competence.

Turnkey Solutions

At Güdel, in addition to single gantries or grippers, it’s also about turnkey automation solutions. We also offer various railway-specific equipment, such as special conveyors and statistical process control (SPC) & Not OK (NOK) drawers for railway wheels and axles, marking, labelling and camera stations as well as railway-specific safety equipment. In order to provide the customers with an optimal workflow, Güdel is also ready to take over the controls and certification of the complete automation solution. Besides the portfolio of standard products and solutions, Güdel also has the competence to develop customized solutions according to the specifications of our customers. Güdel is your reliable partner for a rational, safe and humanized production with the highest efficiency.


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Railway solutions

Flexible gantry system for wheel, axle and wheelset handling

Railway wheel gripper

With turning and swiveling unit ± 180°


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Handling of railway wheels

Skilled handling of heavyweights

Handling of railway wheels

Skilled handling of heavyweights

The considerable weight of railway wheels plays a significant role in their handling. With the use of special grippers, parts weighing up to 1,200 kg can be gripped and turned through 180° in spite of any deformations. We can also work with you to find suitable solutions for other challenges in this or similar areas.



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