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2-axis gantry ZP

Versatile 2-axis gantry

The highly dynamic ZP allows the legs to be flexibly positioned on the gantry beam. This simplifies the planning phase of your automation project, as you don't have to specify precise dimensions right from the outset. The ZP can be individually designed to meet the requirements of the processes or machines that you are automating.

2‐Axis: Type ZP


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Our gantry concept enables the legs to be flexibly positioned on the gantry beam

This is a huge advantage during the planning phase as the precise dimensions of the processes or machines to be automated are often only known at a relatively late stage.
This flexibility also allows the system to be modified at a resonable cost if adjustments to the production processes are desired at a later date.

The beams are available in standard lengths. They are equipped on both sides with exact joining elements, making almost any desired total length possible. Our flexible system even makes retrofitting your production line for new processes economical.

Fexible positioning of the Legs of the Gantry beam for EP, ZP, CP, FP Modules | © Güdel Group AG


Product Type Language Payload (N) Download
Robotics Catalog Catalog German - pdf
Robotics Catalog Catalog English - pdf
ZP-2 Data sheet English 400 pdf
ZP-2 Data sheet German 400 pdf
ZP-3 Data sheet English 800 pdf
ZP-3 Data sheet German 800 pdf
ZP-4 Data sheet English 2000 pdf
ZP-4 Data sheet German 2000 pdf
ZP-5 Data sheet English 5000 pdf
ZP-5 Data sheet German 5000 pdf
ZP-6 Data sheet English 12500 pdf
ZP-6 Data sheet German 12500 pdf
ZP-7 Data sheet German 31250 pdf
ZP-7 Data sheet English 31250 pdf
Product and solutions portfolio Brochure English - pdf
Product and solutions portfolio Brochure German - pdf
ZP-2 CAD models English 400 zip
ZP-3 CAD models English 800 zip
ZP-4 CAD models English 2000 zip
ZP-5 CAD models English 5000 zip
ZP-6 CAD models English 12500 zip
ZP-7 CAD models English 31250 zip


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