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Linear guideways

We design linear systems for medium and heavy payloads

Güdel’s linear systems, with its longitudinal precision guides and drivetrain components, provides high speed and acceleration and enables a moving mass weighing anywhere between ten kilos and several tons – to be positioned with the utmost accuracy.

The modular system comprises the following basic elements: guide rollers, tracks (with or without in-built racks), pinions and beams. The assembly can be employed anywhere and has several advantages over traditional recirculating ball systems. Because of its compactness and the integrated racks for the drive, it is an excellent solution in premises where space is  at a premium.


Guideway System for heavy duty applications

Linear guideways for heavy duty | © Güdel Group AG

The guideway system for heavy duty applications is based on standardized roller supports with three integrated roller bearings, guideways with and without racks, drive units and tubular steel profiles with guideways. the system is especially suited for high axial and radial loads, high moment ratings, high rigidity and quiet operation.


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Guideway System for Medium Duty Applications

Linear guideways for medium duty | © Güdel Group AG

The guideway system for medium duty applications is based on standardized guideway rollers and vee bars. The system is especially suitable for applications requiring high velocities, low friction, exact positioning and quiet operation.


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