CoboMover CMF

Linear axis for cobots and small industrial robots

Constructed and optimized for the positioning/moving of small industrial robots and cobots. For the construction of the linear axes, particular attention is paid to ensure:

- no clamping or pinch points are present (ready for collaboration)
- compact design for use in the most narrow of spaces, few interference contours
- versatility in use: suitable fastening on welding table with 100 mm pitch
- long service life and low maintenance effort

The CoboMover linear axis can be used to extend the range of a cobot or small industrial robot. With the use of a seventh axis, this can extend its working range by up to five meters or increase a cobot/small robot’s capacity by allowing it to take on additional tasks or serve several workstations.


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Positioning axis

CoboMover CMF – To extend the working range of a small industrial robots or cobots

The Güdel CoboMover linear axis is used to extend the working range of a small industrial robot or cobot up to 5 meters. This allows it to operate several workstations and take on additional tasks. The CoboMover, developed and built in Switzerland, performs reliable work in the areas of welding, machine loading and machine operation. Other possible applications include packaging and palletizing goods.



CoboMover CMF traversing axis with
Fanuc Cobot CRX -10iA


CoboMover CMF traversing axis with
ABB Cobot GoFa


CoboMover CMF traversing axis with
Kuka Cobot LBR iisy R1300


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Robotics Catalog Catalog English - pdf
Robotics Catalog Catalog German - pdf
CoboMover CMF Factsheet English - pdf
CoboMover CMF Factsheet German - pdf


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