Linear axis

FlowMotion in any direction

Handling weights from just a few kilos up to several tons, our linear axes are indispensable for linear movements where dynamics, efficiency, and low noise levels are key. 
Thanks to Güdel's modular system, our components can be easily combined as and when required to form single-axis, multiple-axis, and rotary modules.

Linear axis with rack drive

1-Axis Type EP

The EP's key strengths are high modularity and a particularly large handling range.

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3-Axis Type CP

With its wide range of applications, the CP offers maximum benefits to users.

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2-Axis Type ZP

The ZP offers impressive flexibility in the planning phase and low-noise precision.

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3-Axis Type FP

The FP covers large work areas with great precision and moves even heavy loads with pinpoint accuracy.

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Linear axis with belt drive

1-Axis Type MLB

Modular linear axis MLB with belt drives are specially suited for general handling applications for packaging and logistics, as well as for the food and medical industry.

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