Blank Destacking System – Manual fanner magnet adjustment

Feeding blanks to high speed tandem press lines

Metal Sheet Handling, Blank Destacking System, Board Stack, Swivel Arms, Press Line, Manual Feed | © Güdel Group AG
The Güdel blank destacking system is dedicated for feeding blanks to high speed tandem press lines. The fanner magnets are moved towards the blank stack manually by means of the easy-to-use rotary arms. Blowing nozzles located next to the fanner magnets enable aluminum blanks to be processed. The system is also suitable for processing single and double blanks.

The combination of an optical parts recognition system and a centering station equipped with servo axes ensures that the entire spectrum of parts can be processed without the need for manual limit stops.
Thanks to its modular design, the blank destacker can be used either as a turnkey system or to modernize or complete existing systems.



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