GAdjustment – An innovative system solution

Planetary gearbox with integrated eccentric output flange which provides precise gearmesh adjustment for the rack and pinion drive train.

Key features of this system

Maximum stiffness due to form fit support of the output bearing and the CP(compact pinion) solution

Compact functional unit with integral mounting and positioning system built into one component

Set-up guidance through the easy-to-use web application GAdjuster

Quick disengagement of the pinion from the rack for maintenance work

Precise and repeatable adjustment process for setting gear mesh

Assembly and disassembly with standard tools

Simple and cost-effective interface to the customer’s machine structure

Optimal force transmission into  thecustomer-side machine structure

GAdjuster web application

The GAdjuster supports you with a guided process for adjusting the gear mesh between rack and pinion. More then 20 years of experience in drive train technology allow us to give you a setting recommendation based on your configuration. Scan the QR code on the gearbox and set the recommended linear backlash by using step by step the easy-to-follow web application.

  • Guided adjustment process
  • Recommended linear backlash settings based on
    20 years experience in drive train technology

  • Detection of gearbox configuration

  • Platform independent

  • Quick link to the operating principle

  • Related links to operating manual and catalog





GAdjustment – Innovative system solution


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