Güdel Innovation Days – Automation meets Digitalization

Technological advances change the way we as human produce goods. It started with the first industrial revolution through the use of the steam power and mechanization of production. It continued with the second industrial revolution, which brought mass production, assembly line and electric energy to the third industrial revolution with automation of an entire production process. Today we experience the fourth industrial revolution with the ongoing automation of traditional production processes using digital technologies. 

That is why we at Güdel no longer see innovation only in automation, but also not only in digitalization - we see the future in a combination of both technology approaches.

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Product & Solution Portfolio

At the Güdel Innovation Days we will present you our well established and evolved product portfolio from racks, pinions, linear guideways, gearboxes, linear axes and gantries, linear tracks for robots up to turnkey solutions for selected applications and industries. Furthermore, we would like to officially introduce you our first smart product, the condition monitoring for the linear guideways, and further proposed solutions in our world of digital services.


Components for linear and drive technology

Monday, 8. November 2021
13:00 CET


TrackMotions - Maximize your robots working range

Tuesday, 9. November 2021
13:00 CET


Gantries – Effectively automate various applications

Wednesday, 10. November 2021
13:00 CET


Press Automation Solutions – More efficiency for the whole process

Thursday, 11. November 2021
13:00 CET


Be inspired by our solutions for industrial automation

Friday, 12. November 2021
13:00 CET


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