Same payload at half the length

The overall height of a robot portal not only depends on the supports but also on the length of the vertical axis. Low production hall ceilings and large overhead heights of the vertical axis challenge design engineers on a regular basis. Güdel now offers an elegant and practicable solution that meets all requirements in terms of load capacity, service life, safety and ease of maintenance with the optimised telescopic vertical axis.

Conventional telescopic axis with limitations
The disadvantage of conventional telescopic axes is a reduced payload by 50%. In addition, their safety elements and functional monitoring only meet the minimum requirements. And finally, conventional telescopic axes leave little room for configuration options.

New telescopic axis with the same performance features as fixed axes
Güdel has succeeded in bringing a fundamental revision of the telescopic axis onto the market. The new telescopic axis is characterized by increased performance features and is in no way inferior to a fixed axis. Both axes have the same payload. Compared to conventional telescopic axes, the new Güdel axis even increases the payload by 50% thanks to the double profile tube construction.

In addition, relevant product components, such as helical gear racks and powerful end position buffers, could be adapted to other portal standard. Other advantages are the double securing of the inner carrier profile by a second toothed belt, increased safety conditions and optical monitoring of both belts.

More efficient maintenance
The new space-saving design makes it possible to integrate a safety brake into the telescopic axis. An assembly-friendly design could also be achieved in the maintenance area. Changing rollers, belts or even the guide carriages is quick and easy.

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