Extensive tests confirm that the Güdel Green Tire Tray reduces damage to green tires and increases transport speed considerably

The latest innovation from Güdel has just gone through its baptism of fire. The Güdel Green Tire Tray was only recently launched as a product innovation, with its official presentation to the public taking place at the Tire Technology Expo in Cologne. The tray ensures that green tires can be transported more quickly and protected from damage. For this reason, great interest was shown by the steady stream of visitors we welcomed during the trade fair. "We were completely overrun," recalls Michael Messmer, General Manager Business Unit Tire at Güdel, when talking about the enthusiastic reaction to the latest product launch.

The advantages of the tray are obvious. It can be flexibly used for every tire size with an outer diameter of up to 900 mm and a maximum weight of 30 kg. It is not necessary to make adjustments for different tire sizes. The 45° slope in the tray always guarantees optimal storage of the green tries.

At the trade fair, several trays were on show, so interested visitors and existing customers could see for themselves how uncomplicated handling is, and test the tray's reliability to their hearts' desire. The innovative advantages could truly be experienced in the flesh.

Now the tray has also passed comprehensive tests with flying colors, and its advantages have been proven and confirmed. Green tires can be transported quicker and more securely with the Güdel Green Tire Tray. This is possible because adhesion of the green tries is permanently avoided. Removal is easy, less energy is needed, and the tires remain undamaged.

The tray is green in several different ways and the environmental impact is kept to a minimum. The materials used in the trays do not contain any foreign substances. This is the only way to ensure that handling does not negatively affect tire quality. The tray can of course be recycled and adapted quickly to future plastics used in manufacture by injection molding. It can be easily cleaned with a simple dry brush, and vacuuming removes any dust particles.

A further advantage of the tray is its almost effortless integration into new or existing systems. In both cases it enables the conveying systems to be operated more quickly. It makes no difference which transport system is involved: The trays can be used with roller conveyors, conveyor belts, or belt conveyors.

In particular, the low number of rejects and the increased speed help customers to improve their systems' efficiency. In conclusion, the easy-to-integrate Güdel Green Tire Tray will save you time, energy, and money.

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