A successful introduction for the Güdel Green Tire Tray

This year's Tire Technology Expo 2015, the leading tire design and production event, took place in Cologne. A highlight was Güdel's newest product – the Güdel Green Tire Tray – which was received with great interest and a steady stream of visitors. The tray is used to convey green tires quickly while protecting them from damage.

The selling points of the new product were clear for the visitors to see. Güdel brought several trays along to exhibit at the trade fair as a way to demonstrate the product's handling benefits. The public was able to inspect the trays thoroughly and could witness the advantages in the flesh. “It is fascinating how effective the Güdel system is”, reported one of the visitors to the stand. The customers had the opportunity to see it at work for themselves. The product's introduction was accompanied by a range of tests and videos, which show the trays in action.

But the tray can do even more. It is green in several different ways, placing a particular emphasis on keeping environmental impact to a minimum. Not only does it convey green tires safely and quickly, thus minimizing reject production; it also makes automation efficient and saves resources. Due to the injection molding process used for its production, it is flexible and can quickly be adjusted to different plastics in the future. The tray can be easily cleaned with just a dry brush and can even be recycled. It's not surprising then that there have been many enquiries – even from customers who already have existing systems.

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