Innovative system solution for drive train adjustment

The performance of a rack and pinion drive system is greatly influenced by how precisely the gear mesh between rack and pinion are set, as well as by the precision of the individual components. This gear mesh is typically set via the radial relationship of the pinion to the rack. To achieve low backlash, the pinion engages with the rack through a linear movement of the gearbox. Güdel has now developed an innovative system, which in a very simple way, resolves the setting of the gear mesh between rack and pinion, while setting standards when it comes to precision, performance, cost effectiveness, and ease of maintenance. At the heart of this innovative GAdjustment system is a low backlash planetary gearbox with an internal eccentric flange that rotates about the pinion. While seemingly easy in theory, this proves difficult in practice and could only be achieved with great e‑ ort, trained personnel, and suitable measurement equipment. Costly repetitive measurements and perhaps even specific equipment may be required for the customer’s machine structure. These times are gone with the innovative system solution developed by Güdel.

GAdjustment with the NGHP planetary gearbox
Once the gearbox is mounted into the machine structure by attaching the flange the pinion is engaged with the rack by rotating the gearbox housing. Fully supporting the radial mounting surface of the output flange provides maximum stiffness, resulting in longer gearbox bearing life. A benefit of this method of adjustment is that the ratio between rotation and pinion linear motion allows finer adjustment increments. This results in high precision and accuracy of the gear mesh between rack and pinion. This eccentric motion also enables the pinion to be completely disengaged from the rack when the planetary gearbox is rotated 180 degrees into the mounting position. In this way, the drive system can be quickly decoupled to allow manual movement for maintenance activity.

Guided process for adjustment
The GAdjuster supports you with a guided process for adjusting the gear mesh between rack and pinion. Güdel gives a setting recommendation based on the customer‘s configuration. By scanning the QR code on the gearbox the recommended linear backlash can be set by using step by step the easy-to-follow web application. Güdel has developed an easy-to-follow web application. The adjustment principle ensures a simple, faultless and repeatable setting of the linear backlash between rack and pinion. The web application GAdjuster supports the operator with the appropriate value for the prevailing configuration.

Industries gain benefits with this system solution
GAdjustment is an optimized, solution based drive train for the highest demands on linear drive systems. Beside the trusted performance, GAdjustment reduces complexity, errors and costs and saves assembly and maintenance time. For modern machine tools of all kinds, for a wide variety of materials, with highly dynamic movements. Examples of industries are machine tooling, robotics, automation and handling technology, wood, plastic and composite processing machines, cutting machines for laser, plasma, water, glass, wind and energy. Also in the aerospace and defense technology the Güdel solution is the latest must-have.


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