Güdel presents the second generation of its single-arm feeder

With the launch of its second generation of roboSpeed single-arm feeders, Güdel makes the automation of industrial-scale press lines even more efficient. Used in conjunction with the intelligent GMotion control system, it increases production capacity, reduces the time spent on setting up the machinery and simplifies jig making.

The press lines have a capacity of twenty-one parts per minute. “This makes the roboSpeed the transfer system of the future for our customers. It is a very robust and compact machine that provides great flexibility in the tool room and meets every demand with regard to ease of operation”, explains Kurt Haldi, General Sales Manager for Press Automation.

The roboSpeed is used for loading the first press, unloading the last press and handling the transfer of parts from one press to another. Because the roboSpeed is particularly compact, it exploits the confined spaces of the tool room to the full. The machine is very user-friendly and designed for payloads of up to 100 kg.

At an in-house exhibition earlier this year, Güdel demonstrated the roboSpeed to a hand-picked selection of representatives from various renowned car makers and press manufacturers from Europe and Asia. Because the new transfer system was so well received, Güdel will be presenting roboSpeed to a global clientele at Euroblech, the sheet metal working exhibition, which will be held from 21st to 25th October in Hanover.

Apart from the automation of parts transfers between the presses, Güdel is also highly proficient in the other associated sub-processes and provides customised solutions for every part of the production process – from the destacking of blanks, via the press linking, through to the removal and final stacking of the finished parts.

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