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With the new Track Motion Floor base drive axis, TMF-5 for short, Güdel is expanding the working range of heavy-duty robots with a seventh axis. The modular, expandable linear axis can take static loads of more than 10 tonnes and dynamic loads of more than 6 tonnes, and is specially designed for the big industrial robots and their applications.

The drive axis of size 5 is - like the other, smaller linear axes - suitable for all robot types. All current industrial robots can be fitted to the carriers from Güdel.

The length of the TMF-5 can be set as desired, and can also be expanded subsequently. The TMF-5 consists of combinable standard modules of three, four and five meters in length. The TMF-5 can also be equipped with several carriers. Up to 4 sliding carriages can be used, thanks to Güdel's proprietary heavy-duty guideway system and special double roller brackets.

In order to give the robots more freedom of movement in terms of height, it is possible to choose between three standard pedestals of 300 to 500 mm. If a special installation position is required, Güdel will produce custom structures.

Tried and trusted Güdel products are also used with the drive: helical and hardened racks, with matching pinions and proprietary high-performance miter gears. Motors are selected according to customer requirements.

Despite its rather bulky appearance and the enormous weights it moves, the overall system is relatively quiet and reaches a noise immission of just 75 dB(A). The first TMF-5 are already in use in the bodywork construction of prominent automobile manufacturers. The heavy-duty robots on the Güdel drive axis deal with whole bodies in white weighing several hundred kgs.

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