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Our core business consists of our commitment to finding the perfect solutions for sophisticated and complex tasks. We are not only concerned with the development of high-tech products, but also with promoting the personal strengths of our employees and their individual careers in cooperation with colleagues at home and abroad. It is as a team, in particular, that we are able to find new ideas that we can implement across our company, worldwide.

We are in the comfortable position of being successful and prospering. Our strategy - also in the human resources management - proves us right. Because we also plan our talent scouting for a long term, we have several open positions. We are constantly looking for the most suitable specialists for our companies.

Jobs in Switzerland & Europe

Find career and job opportunities in Switzerland and Europe.


Jobs in Amricas

Find career and job opportunities in USA, Canada and Mexico.


Apprenticeship in Switzerland

Join Güdel Switzerland as an apprentice and be part of it. (Only in German)



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