Our company philosophy

Work in FlowMotion

Güdel brings flow to industrial automation by delivering intelligent motion solutions. The result is a good feeling and measurable added value at the same time. Absolute reliability and maximum efficiency. We call it: Work in FlowMotion.

The prerequisites: Intelligent technologies for motion

FlowMotion is only possible when all the prerequisites are in place.
That's why three key attributes are at the heart of Güdel's technologies:


From gearboxes to gantry robots, Güdel technologies have always been a step ahead of the competition. However, we never develop innovations just for the sake of it. Instead, we're always striving to make our customers' processes simpler, more reliable and more efficient. In short: Every innovation is about bringing more flow to production and logistics.



We believe that extensions, enhancements and repairs to existing systems should always work as quickly and easily as possible. It's the only way to make sure everything keeps flowing. That's why we always strive to develop modular solutions. What that means for you: maximum flexibility at all times.


Processes cannot flow unless every last component is running smoothly. To ensure this, we invest in the highest quality. That includes everything from the choice of materials and precision manufacturing to uncompromising quality assurance and our exceptional customer service.


The values behind Güdel

For us, the concept of FlowMotion is also inextricably linked to the values that guides in our everyday work.


FlowMotion® solutions always require less energy because of their extreme efficiency and last longer thanks to their high quality. As a result, our technologies not only lower your total costs of ownership, they also help you run an environmentally sustainable business.


There's no such thing as "no can do," at least not at Güdel! And if something actually does stop working, you can count on us to get it running again quickly. After all, a company that promises to make your processes flow has to stand by its word.


Selling sophisticated products isn't enough for us. We take responsibility and aren't satisfied until our customers' processes are working perfectly. When that happens, FlowMotion becomes something you experience every day. Thanks to faster and more efficient processes. Thanks to fewer disruptions and inefficiencies. Thanks to higher performance in less time. In short: thanks to production processes that truly flow.

Güdel at a glance




Langenthal, Switzerland


High-precision machine components & intelligent automation solutions


about 1,200 employees worldwide

International reach:

More than 30 locations worldwide


Family owned for 3 generations



Milestones of our business chronics

  • 2016 - Innovation: Lifting Column PL (Partlifter)

  • 2016 - Innovation: Bigger Trackmotion TMF-5

  • 2015 - Innovation: Pivoting Axis PA-5

  • 2015 - Innovation: Revised High Precision Planetary Gearbox

  • 2015 - Innovation: Revised High Performance Angle Gearbox

  • 2014 - Innovation: Double-Axis Portals size 6 and 7

  • 2014 - Innovation: Part transfer robot for press lines roboSpeed

  • 2014 - Foundation of Güdel Turkey

  • 2014 - Innovation: Güdel Green Tire Tray

  • 2013 - Innovation: Pallet conveyor belt with turntable

  • 2013 - Innovation: multifunctional portal robot WoodFlex

  • 2013 - Two new locations in Germany - Irschenberg and Ainring

  • 2013 - Innovation: Floor Traversing Trackmotion Floor

  • 2009 - Another site in Germany - Nördlingen

  • 2009 - New location in Netherlands

  • 2009 - Business Area Tire

  • 2008 - Business Area Renewable Energies

  • 2008 - Establishment of the joint venture in China

  • 2007 - Founding of Güdel Mexico

  • 2007 - Founding of Güdel Italy

  • 2006 - Founding of Güdel Thailand

  • 2006 - Business Area Intralogistics

  • 2006 - Founding of Güdel Czech Republic

  • 2006 - Founding of Güdel Austria

  • 2006 - Innovation: Part transfer robot for large presses roboFeeder

  • 2005 - Founding of Güdel India

  • 2005 - Founding of Güdel Poland

  • 2005 - Foundation of Güdel China

  • 2005 - Founding of Güdel Brazil

  • 2004 - Group the companies to Güdel Group AG as a holding

  • 2003 - Innovation: Part transfer robots for large presses roboBeam

  • 2003 - Innovation: 5-axis kinematic roboFlex

  • 2002 - Business Area Aerospace

  • 2000 - Innovation: Curved Robot Portal roboLoop

  • 1999 - Business Area Metal Sheet Handling

  • 1999 - Founding of Güdel Germany

  • 1997 - Founding of Güdel Korea

  • 1995 - Founding of Güdel USA

  • 1995 - Innovation: Linear Traversing Trackmotion

  • 1993 - Business Area Powertrain

  • 1992 - Founding of Güdel Taiwan

  • 1992 - Founding of Güdel UK

  • 1990 - Business Area Portal Robotics

  • 1980 - Business Area Linear Technology

  • 1970 - Innovation: Printing press type DPK

  • 1960 - Business Area Drive Technology

  • 1954 - Company foundation in Switzerland

Güdel worldwide

No matter where you are in the world:
We're always close by thanks to over 30 locations and sales offices on every continent.
That also means we can deliver fast, no matter where you are. 



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