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Linear guideways, racks, pinions, gears, linear and rotary axes or gantry robots: with intelligent technologies for motion, Güdel brings flow into industrial automation: for minimum breakdowns and frictional losses. For maximum output in shorter time. For really flowing production processes. We call the result: Work in FlowMotion.

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Our portfolio

Linear and drive technology

Developing a coherent module is, without question, one of the most fascinating of tasks, yet also one of the most difficult. Nevertheless, Güdel has solved the problem convincingly. The basis of our automation units are the high precision components that are produced in series for greater efficiency; they are like standardised elements, so can be replaced easily, quickly and reliably, should the need arise.

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Linear single-/multi-axis and rotation modules

A cleverly-designed module provides versatility with a high degree of reliability and a good price/performance ratio. By making this commitment, Güdel is in a position to fulfil complex customer requirements. Depending on the task at hand, our components can be combined to form single- or multiple-axis modules to provide linear movements that are performed accurately and quietly. The modules can handle weights of just a few kilos or up to several tons, depending on your requirements. Güdel’s rotation modules increase the versatility.

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Industrial robots and gantry robots

Gantry robots are robots built atop a gantry, which is “a structure used to straddle an object or workspace,” according to Wikipedia. The area straddled by the gantry is also known as the portal.
Güdel combines needed linear axes and rotation modules to meet the needs of specific applications. From one axis modules in multiple orientations, to multiple bridge / multiple arm modules, Güdel configures a solution to meet basic needs and challenging requirements.

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Add value to your entire manufacturing process using smart Güdel automation solutions.

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Güdel Support keeps your downtimes to a minimum: we are accessible by telephone round the clock to provide prompt assistance in the event of a malfunction. We can pinpoint the fault using our remote maintenance facility and soon have your installation back into service. With Güdel, spare parts are made available very quickly, thanks to our worldwide network.


Güdel Protect prevents malfunctions well before they get a chance to happen: We maintain your installation and replace wear parts at the right time. During our regular inspections, we analyze your systems and detect defects before they can lead to breakdowns.




Do you wish your processes worked more efficiently? Our experts optimize your processes and machines using the Güdel Improve module. A retrofit solution can equip your installation to meet new requirements and increase your productivity. We also offer training for your employees in the correct operation and professional maintenance of the various systems.

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Intelligent Technologies for Motion

Work in FlowMotion

Güdel brings flow to industrial automation by delivering intelligent motion solutions. The result is a good feeling and measurable added value at the same time. Absolute reliability and maximum efficiency. We call it: Work in FlowMotion.

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