Automation of high speed press lines

The roboBeam system is suitable for the automation of servo press lines as well as conventional mechanical tandem lines and is specially designed for high output.

The simple and rigid design enables a safe direct part transfer form press to press
 without idle stations. Double parts can be precisely repositioned by means of integrated separating units in the crossbar.

product specifics 

Features of the roboBeam

  • Line speeds up to 18 strokes per minute (SPM) in combination with servo presses possible
  • Variable press to press centerline distances, from 3,800 to 6,700 mm
  • Maximum flexibility in all axial directions and thus easy optimization of the motion curves
  • Intuitive and user-friendly motion programming with the Güdel GMotion software
  • Large working range, due to stiff design and highly dynamic motions
  • Suitable for intermittent and continuous mode operation


Watch the roboBeam in action

The modular Güdel service

For the highest availability and maximum operating life


Güdel Support keeps your downtimes to a minimum: we are accessible by telephone round the clock to provide prompt assistance in the event of a malfunction. We can pinpoint the fault using our remote maintenance facility and soon have your installation back into service. With Güdel, spare parts are made available very quickly, thanks to our worldwide network.

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Güdel Protect prevents malfunctions well before they get a chance to happen: We maintain your installation and replace wear parts at the right time. During our regular inspections, we analyze your systems and detect defects before they can lead to breakdowns.

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Do you wish your processes worked more efficiently? Our experts optimize your processes and machines using the Güdel Improve module. A retrofit solution can equip your installation to meet new requirements and increase your productivity. We also offer training for your employees in the correct operation and professional maintenance of the various systems.

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