End of Line – Semi-automatic

Ergonomic and faster manual racking of finished parts

The semi-automatic end of line solution features a particularly high cost-benefit ratio. With the EOL solution, finished parts can be arranged ergonomically on the removal belt which enables a gentler and faster manual racking of finished parts which also leads to a higher quality.

Equipped with a shuttle and gantry with integrated side shit units, the system is flexible enough to place the parts precisely at almost every convenient location on the outfeed conveyors.

The fully automatic crossbar exchange minimizes changeover times and increases the overall output.

Product Features

  • System performance: up to 18 cycles per minute (single / double blanks)
  • Parts can be rotated by ±90 degrees and freely positioned on the belt conveyors
  • Integrated side shift units to separate double unattached parts towards the ergonomic pickup position
  • Automatic tooling exchange

EOL-S operation

The modular Güdel service

For the highest availability and maximum operating life


Güdel Support keeps your downtimes to a minimum: we are accessible by telephone round the clock to provide prompt assistance in the event of a malfunction. We can pinpoint the fault using our remote maintenance facility and soon have your installation back into service. With Güdel, spare parts are made available very quickly, thanks to our worldwide network.

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Güdel Protect prevents malfunctions well before they get a chance to happen: We maintain your installation and replace wear parts at the right time. During our regular inspections, we analyze your systems and detect defects before they can lead to breakdowns.

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Do you wish your processes worked more efficiently? Our experts optimize your processes and machines using the Güdel Improve module. A retrofit solution can equip your installation to meet new requirements and increase your productivity. We also offer training for your employees in the correct operation and professional maintenance of the various systems.

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