Feedback of Customer Service Performance

We would greatly appreciate your help in providing us with your feedback and opinions by filling out the following questionnaire. In order that we can steadily improve our service quality and to match our services to your specific needs and requirements, your input is much appreciated.

Personal Information
In General

How was our service in general?

How do you evaluate of the advice received from our service center?

How was our reaction time?

Was our work within the defined time schedule/delivery time?

Spare Part Delivery

How was the quality of our delivery?

How do you evaluate our price-performance ratio?

On Site Service

Qualification and efficiency of our technicians?

How was the quality of our work on site?

Do you know about…

… our service agreements?

… our training programs?

… our service products?

… our repair service?

Would you like to be contacted by our Güdel service team?

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