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For maximum reliability and a long-term operational availability 

Whether you need prompt assistance over the telephone, replacement of a particular component, an inspection or maintenance, our service teams act quickly and provide you with first-class support, round the clock, at any location and over the whole life-cycle of your installation. We always endeavour to keep your total cost of ownership as low as possible.


We provide you with full advisory services and discuss the matter with you thoroughly in order to find the best solution. To this end, you select the appropriate service modules from our well-conceived range in order to tailor the service features exactly to your particular requirements.

Güdel develops, manufactures and assembles worldwide in its own factories and has its own local service teams, which enables us to provide rapid response times in order to maintain the maximum operational availability of your installation.


Helpline Europe

+41 62 916 91 70


Helpline America

+1 734 214 0000


The modular Güdel service

For the highest availability and maximum operating life


Güdel Support keeps your downtimes to a minimum: we are accessible by telephone round the clock to provide prompt assistance in the event of a malfunction. We can pinpoint the fault using our remote maintenance facility and soon have your installation back into service. With Güdel, spare parts are made available very quickly, thanks to our worldwide network.

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Güdel Protect prevents malfunctions well before they get a chance to happen: We maintain your installation and replace wear parts at the right time. During our regular inspections, we analyze your systems and detect defects before they can lead to breakdowns.

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Do you wish your processes worked more efficiently? Our experts optimize your processes and machines using the Güdel Improve module. A retrofit solution can equip your installation to meet new requirements and increase your productivity. We also offer training for your employees in the correct operation and professional maintenance of the various systems.

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Service agreement

Working together to attain the optimum solution

When it comes to service, we again draw on our proven and well-conceived modular system. This makes our service provision thoroughly comprehensive, yet, at the same time, as individual as your requirements.

We take our time to provide you with full and comprehensive advice. Together, we analyse your needs, compile a series of appropriate modules and list them in a service agreement. As a result, you obtain a tailor-made solution and can rest assured that the installation is always maintained at optimum operational efficiency.

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